Ayman Jarjour, Classical Guitarist

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Ayman has performed solo and with a wide variety of musicians in the Middle East, Far East, North America, Europe and Africa.

Graduation from Juilliard with Patrick Stewart who delivered the graduation address.

Photo below by Chelin Miller. Taken in Lancaster House, London


Ayman performs a wide range of the classical guitar repertoire, ranging from the traditional Spanish/Latin American, through Baroque and Classical, to contemporary music.  Some examples can be found in his CD, YouTube or Facebook


Live in Perth, Scotland. Guitar by Jean-Paul Haggar


Concert Dates

For details please email ayman@aymanjarjour.com or check


Future events: 


10 March. Alexandria, Egypt (Bibliotheca Alexandrina at 7pm)

11 March. Cairo, Egypt (St Andrew's Church, Downtown at 7pm)

12 March. Cairo, Egypt (St John's Church, Maadi at 6:30pm)

18 March. Dunblane, Scotland (Dunblane Cathedral at 3pm)

22 April. Callander, Scotland

27 April. Beirut, Lebanon

27 May. Dunblane, Scotland (Concierto de Aranjuez)

29 June. Sevenoaks, England

30 June, Burnham, Greater London. England

Past events: 


22 February. Kirkcaldy, Scotland (Old Kirk)

10 February. Valletta, Malta

4 February. Stirling, Scotland

13 January. Menstrie, Scotland 


11 November, Dunfermline, Scotland

28 October. Kinlichleven, Scotland 

28 October. Edinburgh, Scotland 

22 October. Hammana, Lebanon 

21 October, Beirut, Lebanon

16 October. Beirut, Lebanon

1 October. Mons, Belgium 

30 September. Brussels, Belgium

29 September. Edinburgh, Scotland

21 September. Edinburgh, Scotland

26 August. Edinburgh Fringe

25 August. Perth, Scotland

5 August. Edinburgh Fringe Festival

19 July. Manchester, England

1 July. London, England

30 June. Dundee, Scotland

28 June Glasgow, Scotland

27 June. Edinburgh, Scotland

24 June. Alloa, Scotland

22 June. Alloa, Scotland

20 June. Glasgow, Scotland

11 June. Milngavie, Scotland

1 June. London, England

28 May. Dunblane, Scotland

18 May. Edinburgh, Scotland

13 May. London, England

23 April, Muckhart, Scotland

12 April. Cairo, Egypt

4 March. Kippen, Scotland

3 March. Dunblane, Scotland

19 February. Comrie, Scotland

5 February. Stirling, Scotland



19 November. Basel, Switzerland

13 October. Stirling, Scotland

1 October. Doune, Scotland

10 September. Burnham, England

4 September. Rannoch, Scotland

1 September. Stirling, Scotland

6 August, Edinburgh Fringe

5 June. Stirling, Scotland

26 May. Teddington, Greater London

30 April. Edinburgh, Scotland

19 March. London, England

24 February. Crieff, Scotland

11 February. Istanbul, Turkey

24 January. Kinross, Scotland



12 December. London, England

21 October. Beirut, Lebanon

4 October. Dunblane, Scotland

13 August. Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland

11 August. Edinburgh Fringe, Scotland

11 June. London, England

28 April. London, England

2 April. Alexandria, Egypt

1 April. Cairo, Egypt

12 February. Valletta, Malta



7 November: Bridge of Allan, Scotland

21 October: Edinburgh, Scotland

4 October: Brussels, Belgium

2 October: Edinburgh, Scotland

27 September: Maidenhead, England

20 September: London, England

13 September: Windermere, England

20 August. Edinburgh Fringe Festivel, Scotland

19 August. Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland

1 June. Dollar, Scotland

4 May. Edinburgh, Scotland

9 February. Kinross, Scotland